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RELLI TECHNOLOGY supplies parts and components for all variants of the following aircraft engines:
ALF502 CF6 CFE738 CFM56 CFM561      
F100 F101 F103 F104 F108 F109    
F110 F117 F118          
F401 F404 F405          
J33 J52 J57 J58 J65 J69 J79 J85
JT3 JT8 JT9 LTS101 PT6A      
T53 T55 T56 T58 T63 T64    
T73 T74 T76 T78        
T400 T406 T700 T701 T702 T703    
TF30 TF33 TF34 TF39 TF41 TF56 TF63  
TFE731 TPE331            
250-B15 250-C10 250-C18 250-C20 250-C30