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label packing

Our primary aim for our warehouses and distribution centres is to facilitate the movement of goods from our suppliers to our customers and, by doing so, meet our customers' demand in a timely and cost-effective manner.

In order to achieve this efficiently we may have to hold stock, but this is not the main role of our warehouses.

We may hold stock for contingencies, or to give a rapid customer service,
or in preparation for a new product launch.


However, the overriding factor is that we must meet our customers' demand and expectations.

For this reason we must hold some stock, but we should minimise this so that we avoid stockholding costs.
Our basic aim must be to minimise the totalcost of the operation while providing the desired level of service.
Some valid reasons for holding stock include the following:

To cover demand during suppliers' lead-time Special Certified woods Crating materials are used to ensure the safety
of your purchases.
As a buffer/consolidation point between two production processes:

Coded according to product inventory and product ID in compliance with Industry Standards.
The build-up and holding of investment stocks In addition we may also use warehouses to break bulk stocks down into smaller orders, to tranship goods, to consolidate and complete order activities for our various dependent locations.
We view the warehouse as a place to tranship goods to our customers.

This may involve some temporary storage but, essentially, it is a place where we undertake customer order completion, combining individual items from various locations and possibly splitting bulk products